Antoine Harris  |  CEO 

With keen insight, Mr. Harris is an avant-garde urban-focused commercial real estate developer and a life-long learner. An unwavering visionary with the ability and skills to execute his vision. He specializes in programming and redeveloping large-scale properties with a design and connectivity with the intent of building a bridge between generations with form, function, lifestyle, and aesthetics.
His core values and beliefs for today’s urban development break down cultural barriers so that residents retain a connectedness to the center of the community and the pulse of the city. Thriving communities require masterful planning with intentional development placement providing residential, retail, entertainment, hospitality, open public spaces, entertainment, all in a walkable setting.
In 2017, Mr. Harris led and completed a Master Plan of over 90 acres and a $200 million mixed-use development program with 937,000 sq. ft. of retail space, with a projected yielding net annual income of $15 million at current retail rental rates, setting the stage for one of Tulsa’s largest TIF districts along the 36th Street North Corridor.
Currently, Mr. Harris is managing the construction development program, acquisitions, and the capital structure for Alfresco Group’s $75 million Phase 1 development along the 36th Street North Corridor. Phase 1 of this construction is slated for the 2019 calendar year.